Oscar is punished twice during community service

Oscar has his first day of community service. Andy tells the schoolboy to stand his ground, while Zac tell him to keep a low profile. Oscar learns the hard way that he should have taken Andy’s advice, as he is bullied into doing someone else’s work and is beaten up in the process.

Casey and Brax are both struggling with their partners. Brax confesses to Casey that Ricky wants to try for another child. After their chat Brax calls Ricky, but can’t get through. Brax then tells Casey that he has commitment issues. Meanwhile, Evelyn tells Denny that meeting Casey’s family so early on should not be a priority. Realising her mistake, Denny stages an elaborate plan to be reunited with Casey.

Phoebe and Kyle start looking for flats to rent, but realise it may be easier said than done, as neither have any rental history. Determined to move out, Phoebe asks Kyle not admit he has criminal history when they fill out forms.