Zac is letting off steam after his fight with Mitch and when Zac asks Oscar if he got into a fight, Oscar shrugs him off. Oscar skips school and when Leah notices his distress, she suggests a meditation session. Spencer warns Oscar not to overdo it at the gym and a frustrated Oscar tells him to butt out and steals the gym’s staff timetable.

Ricky reminds Phoebe that she must return the music equipment. Not wanting to return it, Phoebe lets Matt use the equipment and convinces the school boy to create a music track for his presentation, hoping they wont be able to return the equipment as its been overused.

Sasha and Spencer prepare for their presentation, but with Sasha more focused on beating Matt, rather than helping Spencer she becomes extremely negative towards any of Spencer’s ideas. A confident Matt uses music to impress the audience, but Spencer’s hard work earns him the victory. Sasha is ecstatic until she learns the poem Matt wrote for her will be published in a monthly university journal.