Oscar meets his half sister

Evelyn doesn’t want to meet Denny, although Oscar tries to change her mind. Zac tells Denny that the twins know but that they don’t want to meet her yet when he gets a phone call saying that Oscar wants to meet. At their meeting Oscar and Denny hit it off. Evelyn admits to Hannah that she doesn’t want to meet Denny because she doesn’t want anything to do with more of her father’s lies. Hannah gently reminds her that none of that is Denny’s fault.

Chris is struggling with the fact that he almost killed someone. Meanwhile, Spencer and Chris search for Harvey while Sasha and Maddy decide to have a girl’s night-in.

Chris leaves a message for Harvey saying Spencer is in trouble and to meet him at the surf club. At the girl’s night, Roo grills the girls on what they want to do when the leave school. Sasha says she’d like to become a defence lawyer and Marilyn suggests she join the student council. Maddy admits that she has no idea of what she wants to do.

Harvey shows up at the surf club and he’s furious that Chris lied to him. But Chris leaves Harvey thoughtful when he points out how much Roo and Spencer are struggling. Harvey shows up at John’s place and begs him not to call Roo.