Oscar explains the details of the hit and run to the police. Back at home, Hannah apologises to Oscar for not being there for him, and tells Zac she’s worried about him. Then at school, Oscar can’t cope with everyone staring and at home he snaps at Zac and Hannah – nothing they do will change the fact that he destroyed Tamara’s life, and he just wants to be left alone.

Convinced that Andy is behind the drive-by shooting at the house, Brax heads off to find him. Meanwhile, Andy tells Casey that he didn’t do the drive-by, and Casey tells him to stay out of Brax’s way until he can prove it; he also gives Andy his job at the gym back. Casey finally gets Brax to see the truth – but if it wasn’t Andy, who fired the shot?

Kyle comes clean to Phoebe about the drive-by shooting at the house. Phoebe’s scared, so Kyle suggests she go on a holiday with Mark – but Phoebe won’t leave Kyle’s side. Kyle organises to meet Mark alone, and asks him to get Phoebe out of Summer Bay.

Also, Hannah tells Andy that they need to take a break – she needs to prioritise Oscar and get her life together.