Oscar tries to confess to the accident

Zac is angry at Oscar for driving before realising that he did it to protect Zac. He tells Oscar not to say anything, he’s going to take the fall. Oscar tries to go to Sergeant Emerson, but Emerson thinks he’s lying to cover for his Uncle. Meanwhile, word has gotten around about what Zac did and he has lost the respect of the students. Zac tries to resign but Bianca tells him to just take some time off. Elsewhere, Oscar goes to Sasha and offers to tell her all about the accident for her article.

When Andy comforts Hannah, things quickly get hot and heavy between them until an angry Zac arrives home early. Meanwhile, Nate worries when Tamara refuses to tell Leah about the bleed in her brain.

Heath is struggling alone as Bianca comes to the realisation that she needs to move on. Later, Bianca and Heath meet up and it’s clear that they both still want to be together. Heath then lets slip that Irene was the one who helped him see that he needed to break up with Bianca, so Bianca confronts Irene.

Sasha apologises to Evelyn for going to the farmhouse but Evelyn refuses to listen. When Sasha tries to push Matt to come back to school he’s evasive, making Sasha think something’s wrong.