Maddy prepares to have surgery to protect her fertility before she has chemotherapy. An upset Josh tells Brax he wants to help, but Brax explains he must let Maddy do things her way. Before Maddy has surgery, Oscar arrives and lies down next to her.

When Nate gets Ricky and Brax a last minute ultrasound appointment, the pair find out they are having a boy. When Nate gets home, he finds an envelope addressed him, inside a photograph of him and Sophie on their wedding day. On the back it has an inscription that reads: ’til death do us part.’

Chris returns unexpectedly from his cruise ship, and lies to Spencer that there was a typhoon. When Spencer tells Chris that Maddy has cancer, Chris asks Alf how can he help and in turn help Spencer. When Spencer finds out that Roo and Chris knew Maddy was having surgery and he wasn’t told – he erupts. He then storms out when he finds out Chris left his job to keep an eye on him.