We’re still recovering from last year’s shock series finale – how could they kill off Elvis and leave poor Georgie (Michelle Keegan) broken-hearted when the pair had just got back together?!

It’s time to wipe away the 
tears now, though, as Georgie tries to move on with her life.

After taking six months compassionate leave, Georgie is rejoining 2-Section in Northern Nigeria, where her job is to help local forces trying to find a group of kidnapped schoolgirls.

Our Girl

Georgie is back with 2-Section

It’s an emotional mission for Georgie, not helped by the fact that she’s forced to work with a new boss and Elvis’ replacement, Bones.

Let’s just say the pair don’t quite see 
eye to eye…

Michelle Keegan also appears in this week’s Who Do You Think You Are? Wednesday, 6 June on BBC1 at 9pm.

TV Times rating: ****