Outbreak at Holby!

Registrar Luc’s hectic day begins when emphysema sufferer, Joe Harling, is brought in by security guard, Keith, who found him slumped in the car park. As Luc puts Joe on antibiotics for pneumonia, Keith returns with flu-like symptoms, but Luc gives Keith short shrift.

When Keith returns a second time, his condition worsening, busy Luc sends him home without properly diagnosing him. But when Luc grows concerned that Joe’s not responding to antibiotics and realises several patients have flu-like symptoms, he reveals his concerns to Hanssen, who confirms to staff there’s an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease at the hospital.

With Joe’s condition deteriorating, Keith nowhere to be found and other patients testing positive for Legionnaires, Luc fears the outbreak started at Holby. Can he locate the source and stop people dying?

Meanwhile, Dan struggles to join in the fun when Malick, Simon and Chantelle are discussing a speed-dating night. Later, Malick tells Dan he needs to stop being a coward and ask Simon out. Will Dan take his advice?

And as Jonny and Mo speculate about the nature of Tara and Ollie’s relationship, Ollie has to be reminded to keep personal feelings off the ward when he tries to protect Tara by covering for her mistake.