Is it over between Sinead and Chesney? (VIDEO)

Sinead has moved on with Daniel in Corrie, but who's going to tell Chesney?

Following her unexpected tryst with Daniel, Sinead realises she needs to talk to Chesney, meanwhile Adam revels in winding up Daniel. But when Daniel discovers that Adam is cheating at his legal exams he sees a way of getting back at him. Is Daniel playing with fire by winding up Adam?

Determined to try and save the business, Kevin takes on too much work. Rosie and Sophie ponder over their options and Rosie comes up with a plan.

In the cafe, Bethany shows Todd her latest online hair video. Todd’s impressed. Having bunked off school, Bethany discusses her next online video project with Nathan in the salon. Elsewhere, Luke is trapped under a car at the garage!


Watch this clip from the episode;