Owen attacks Craig

Faye can barely bring herself to look at her baby, sickened by the enormity of the situation. As the police interview Faye, she reveals the baby’s father is a lad from school, but refuses to give his name, admitting she just wanted the boy to like her. Owen remains convinced that Craig is the baby’s dad and when Craig arrives to visit his friend he lashes out. Arriving back from the hospital, a mortified Anna and Faye witness Owen’s attack.

Bethany encourages Jason to talk to Sarah, making out she’s behaving like a lovesick puppy. Todd’s amused as Bethany admits she’s winding Jason up.

Nervous Eileen meets up with Adrian, her internet date. Sean decides to help his friend and takes control, leading them both off to the Bistro.

Tony’s put out when Liz turns down his offer of a date, then admits she’s decided to take Steve, Michelle and Amy into town, leaving him to look after the pub.