Anna wonders if she should back down and let Tim have access visits with Faye, but Owen is adamant she mustn’t give in to Faye’s tantrums. However a row soon breaks out, which sees Faye’s computer get smashed.

As Kirsty is reunited with Ruby, Tyrone is questioned by the police. He takes the blame and tells them Fiz had nothing to do with Ruby’s abduction, it was all his idea. Fiz is released with a caution as Tyrone awaits his fate.

Having phoned Milton, Roy confronts Sylvia wanting to know exactly what’s been going on. Sylvia confesses all and Roy realises the true extent of Sylvia’s problems.

Also, when the boiler packs up at No 8, Gail smugly points out to David and Kylie that as the home owners it’s their problem, not hers; Mandy makes snide digs at Sophie and Jenna as they try to enjoy a drink in the pub.