Owen confesses his true feelings to Anna

Owen returns from Aberdeen to face Anna, but is shocked to find Katy packing her things at No 6. When she confesses that Anna told her and Izzy about how she slept with Phelan, Owen’s mortified. Later, when Anna insists they need to talk, Owen snaps and tells her how he really feels.

Carla tells Michelle that she should stop blaming Steve for the havoc wreaked by Peter. A depressed Steve calls into the factory and in front of a crowd he bares his soul to Michelle in the hope of saving their relationship.

Sally’s clearly taken aback when Tim presents her with an engagement ring that he’s bought from Barlow’s Buys. Despite her reluctance she can’t say no and accepts the ring.

Also, Gary fixes a leak in the bistro and asks Nick if in return, he can bring Owen, Anna, Izzy and Katy for dinner.