Owen has bad news for Katy

When Owen refuses to give Katy the builders’ yard flat she’s forced to break the news to Ryan. Ryan is clearly disappointed, but Katy wonders whether his heart is really in it…

Heartbroken David sits alone outside. When he sees Nick and Leanne his anger boils, but he’s too numb to do anything. At home Kylie’s growing impatient as she waits for David, keen to head off and make the most of their night away. Eventually David arrives to confront Kylie, but when an excited Max rushes to him revealing Kylie’s surprise David can’t bring himself shatter the little boy’s delight.

Gathering her family and friends around her in the pub, Stella makes a shock announcement which leaves a guilty Karl with a smile on his face.  

Also, Owen’s determined to fight Tina; Roy’s perturbed by some strange goings on in the cafe.