Cheryl’s determined to get back on her feet and starts looking for work. When Sunita offers her a trial at the kebab shop she accepts, and as Lloyd offers to pick up Russ it looks like they’re officially a couple. But things take a turn for the worse when Owen hires Chris for an Underworld job.

John gets up early in the morning and sneaks out to meet Charlotte. Together they head to Underworld to dispose of Colin’s body, but they find the factory locked. Sensing that Charlotte’s losing her nerve John sends her home as he tries to come up with a plan, but he panics when he sees all the work men piling into the factory. When a cement lorry turns up outside John asks Owen what’s going on. As Owen reveals they’re fixing the floor today it dawns on a horrified John that they’re about to find Colin’s body.

Sean is over the moon when Violet agrees that he can visit Dylan. He knows it’s all down to Li and can’t thank her enough.

Also, Molly and Tyrone make plans to leave the street; Sally demands to know why Kevin offered Tyrone over the odds for the garage.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Carla demands some answers from John when she finds him in Underworld, as does Fiz when she spots Charlotte’s car and convinces herself that there is something going on. Under pressure John realises he has a lot of explaining to do and is close to breaking point. Meanwhile, Charlotte’s struggling to cope with the guilt and tells John that they should give Colin a proper burial. As she wavers John urges her to keep quiet, insisting that they are almost in the clear.

Cheryl is taken aback to find Chris drinking in the Rovers, he seems to be everywhere she turns, so she asks Lloyd if they can get a takeaway instead. But when Lloyd nips out Chris follows Cheryl back to the flat with revenge on his mind.

Kevin panics: he knows he can’t tell Sally the truth about him and Molly so lies to her about why he paid over the odds for the garage. It seems that Sally has bought his excuses, for now anyway. Meanwhile, Sophie and Sian tell Sally that they are going to stay with Sian’s mum in Southport, when they’re really heading to a music festival.

Also, Hayley can’t find the words to tell Mary that she needs to back off.

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