Owen heads to the Square on his release and promises Liz he’ll be gone by the evening if he can’t find proof that Lucas murdered Trina. Lucas discovers Owen is back and he plots to confront him when Denise goes to her hen night, but he’s foiled by the boys arriving for his stag do. Lucas makes an excuse to leave the house and find Owen.

Owen threatens to expose Lucas as a killer and bursts into the Vic to tell Denise not to marry Lucas. Denise is scornful and Owen despondently plans to leave. Owen has a change of heart when Chelsea unwittingly lands Lucas in it by revealing that Lucas had Trina’s bracelet and asked her not to say anything. Owen tells Liz to cancel his taxi – he’s going to the wedding…

Al takes a call from Roxy at the surgery and they have a flirty conversation. Chelsea arrives to see Al, but he tells her he’s busy. Chelsea is horrified when Roxy turns up in a saucy nurse’s outfit to surprise Al and a humiliated Chelsea makes a quick exit.

Also, Phil confesses to Peggy that he went to a loan shark; the council tell Jordan the hole has been dug too big for Trina’s tree.

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