Anna’s furious with Owen for accusing Craig without any evidence, while Craig blames himself for not telling Anna about Faye’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Faye confides in Anna that Jackson is the baby’s father and Anna tries to make her see that Jackson has a right to know about his own child. But as she tells Owen and Gary how she plans to visit Jackson’s parents they’re interrupted by a knock at the door from the police, who arrest Owen on suspicion of assault.

Callum tries to flirt with Sarah but she sends him packing. Meanwhile over a drink, Sarah’s taken aback when Jason tells her that his feelings for her are long gone. Realising this was Bethany’s idea of a joke, they decide to get their own back and set about winding Bethany up. The teen falls for it hook line and sinker.

Eileen soon begins to relax as she and Adrian enjoy dinner in the Bistro and the pair agree to see each other again.

Dressed to kill, Tracy enjoys teasing Tony over the bar and Tony suggests that with Liz out for the day they could spend some time together.