The marmalade-loving bear from darkest Peru (voiced by Ben Whishaw) is back for his second big-screen adventure and it is every bit as joyously uplifting as its predecessor.

Indeed, director Paul King’s irresistibly charming sequel is even better than the first film and is an instant family movie classic.

As before, astonishing CGI wizardry and  Whishaw’s tender vocal performance do a magical job of conjuring the film’s furry hero into believable existence and his well-meaning bumbling is still causing hilarious slapstick havoc wherever he goes.

The japes and pratfalls are almost worth the ticket alone, but they play their part in an engaging and exciting story that finds Paddington banged up in prison for theft while his family try to unmask the true culprit – a washed-up theatre star, played with scene-stealing gusto by Hugh Grant.