This is the Paddy and Marlon we know and love! Just a couple of dorky dudes high-fiving themselves as they enjoy a spa day – all fluffy robes and face masks. They’re supposed to be on a rugged adventure course, but being so butch has never been their style. So, instead, they sneak off and pamper themselves – and have so much fun they decide to stay the night. What about Rhona and Laurel? No problem. They phone the girls and tell them they’ve injured themselves and can’t get back until the next day. And then they lie back and indulge themselves and promise never to fall out ever again (as long as Paddy doesn’t try to move to the other side of the world with Marlon’s son)…

Paddy really should have gone home, though, as Rhona’s having to fight off Brett the vet! Well, that’s what Rhona gets for moaning to Brett about Paddy. Brett thinks she deserves a much better man – such as himself. But that’s not what Rhona wants at all. And to make sure Brett is perfectly clear, she tells him he has to go.

Moira’s fighting off a man, too: Cain. But she doesn’t want to – she’s just scared that Adam will find out she’s, er, entertaining Cain and maybe set fire to Cain’s garage again.