So, Rhona’s told Paddy she’s not ready to come home yet. Yes, he has let her down and, yes, he’s had problems bonding with Leo, but what is he supposed to do? Pearl has the answer to that one: go and see Rhona and bring her home! And without too much of his huffing and puffing that’s exactly what Paddy does! He tells Rhona he needs her and baby Leo and that’s like music to Rhona’s ears. Now Marlon just has to understand that three into two does not go and he has to let Rhona and Paddy get on with their relationship together.

Ella doesn’t like that Declan likes Katie and has no intention of letting that relationship happily blossom. She tells Katie to back off, but that just encourages Katie to push forward…

Scarlett doesn’t like Carl taking her money – the money she gave him to give to Chas for a lawyer for Aaron. Chas didn’t want the money but, instead of giving it back to Scarlett, Carl has used it to expand his haulage business. What?! That’s stealing! But in Carl’s world it’s an investment – even if it’s one Scarlett didn’t know she was making.

*Second episode*

Ella’s little chat with Katie about leaving Declan alone has had the opposite effect. Katie tells Declan she’d love to have dinner with him. But Ella hasn’t conceded defeat. She tells Mia that Declan has been having an affair with Katie for ages. Uh-oh. Declan’s already angry about Ella trying to warn off Katie; wait until he hears about her next move! And Ella’s next move – she says – is to return to Singapore. Mia doesn’t like that plan – but she doesn’t like seeing Declan kiss Katie, either…

Marlon doesn’t like not seeing Leo and is keeping himself busy by baking cakes with Laurel for a Down’s syndrome fundraiser. And while they’re sifting flour Laurel sprinkles some advice for Marlon: give Paddy and Rhona some space! That means no more sleeping over next to Rhona, Marlon!

Chas and Hazel could do with some advice on how to handle Aaron. They are united in their worry about the lad, who hasn’t been to see his barrister and doesn’t seem to have any of the fighting spirit they think he’s going to need for his trial.