Leaving Aaron chained to a radiator in their secret hideaway, Robert heads home. As Chrissie asks her husband why he has blood on his collar, Paddy has also started to worry as he’s been unable to get hold of Aaron. When Paddy fails to get any answers out of smug Robert, the vet digs deeper and soon has a lead on Aaron’s whereabouts. Up at the lodge, Robert has returned and he has a gun. As he trains it on Aaron, his hands shaking, the loaded moment is broken when Paddy bursts in through the door! As a shot rings out, it’s Paddy who slumps to the floor…

Elsewhere, Rachel has another nightmare on her hands thanks to Jai. But while Jai thinks he’s got the custody battle for their son all sewn up he has no idea his wife is now in cahoots with the mother of his love child. Together, they are planning to ruin him.

Also, romance is in the air as Joanie and Rodney are set up on a blind date, Bernice agrees to go out with Lawrence, and newlyweds Adam and Victoria are back from honeymoon!