Paddy discovers Rhona’s lie!

Up at the hospital, Rhona discharges herself when the doctors ask if she’s an addict – or whether she was trying to commit suicide. Having found high levels of paracetamol in her blood, they need to know what’s going on. But the vet isn’t about to confess to anything. Back at home, Paddy wants answers, too. When his wife arrives, he asks why Rhona’s been lying to him.

On a knife’s edge after the carjacking ordeal, Laurel is in a state. When she spies a strange man going into the cafe, she’s convinced he’s her attacker and sets Marlon, Bob and Dan on him! The police are called, but it turns out to be an embarrassing false alarm, which leaves Laurel feeling even worse knowing the criminal is still out there somewhere.

Debbie gets a grudging apology from Cain, who accepts he was wrong about Cameron, but warns his daughter he’s going to be keeping his eye on him. So when Cameron later pops round, she’s furious! As he freaks out about Gennie’s upcoming funeral, Debbie demands he stays quiet about their affair until it’s all over.