Paddy doesn’t feel like a daddy

Rhona’s had her baby, but it’s Paddy who has the baby blues. He finally visits Rhona and Marlon forces him to wet the baby’s head. But, really, Paddy just wants to be alone to drown his sorrows. He feels bad about not being there for the birth and feels even worse when he realises Marlon and Rhona have already chosen the baby’s name. Is there really a place for him in this family unit? Paddy doesn’t think so.

Gennie has the blues, too. Having used alcohol to try to deaden the heartbreak of being unseen by Nikhil as girlfriend material she now has a hangover. To add insult to injury, Nikhil takes pity on her and offers her a lift to work. She wants a lift into your bed, man! And then Rhona comes along full of the joys of motherhood and teases Nikhil about starting his own family. Now, that’s something Gennie would be very happy to help him with. All he has to do is ask…

David has the Amy blues; not because he wants her, but because her lies have forced him to resign from the council. And doesn’t Betty just love gossiping about that!