Paddy finds out about Chas and Carl!

Chas is sick of living in fear that Paddy will find out about her one night-stand with Carl but Katie tells her she’ll lose everything if she tells him the truth. Before she can do anything, however, Carl gets in first and tells Paddy about their affair…

Michael spends the day with Debbie in the village but when Cain returns home Debbie is terrified she’ll be caught.

Meanwhile at the cricket match Laurel is disturbed to see Ashley getting on so well with his ex, Sally.

*Second Episode*

Paddy smashes up the surgery after learning of Chas’ deceit. Tracking her down to the Woolpack he empties bin- bags full of her belongings onto the floor and tells her he hates her. A sobbing Chas begs Paddy for another chance as he walks away.

Debbie manages to sneak Michael out of the house without Cain knowing but is spotted by Ryan. He covers for her but can she still keep the affair a secret?

Marlon feels threatened when he discovers Moira’s pies are on the menu at the Woolpack.

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