After taking a potentially lethal overdose, Rhona lies unconscious on her kitchen floor. It’s only when Paddy arrives to have it out with her that she is discovered, surrounded by pills. Rhona’s rushed to hospital with Paddy by her side, confused. As he waits to find out whether she will live or die, he begs Vanessa for answers. Guilty, Vanessa finally admits the truth to Paddy, that his wife is addicted to painkillers.

When Amy’s feelings of anguish grow about seeing Kyle, the son she had adopted, she turns to Zak – Kyle’s paternal granddad – for advice. Revealing the truth, that Kyle’s adopted parents are dead, she tells Zak she is confused over what to do. When Zak asks if she regrets having Kyle adopted, Amy confesses she can’t stop thinking about him.

Adam is terrified he’ll be blamed for Alex’s death. It’s Cain who offers support, advising him to stop acting like he has something to hide. When canny Cameron overhears the conversation, he starts planting the seeds of doubt about Adam into Beattie’s mind…