Knowing Rhona is meeting Pierce, his former lover Tess’s husband, the vet begs his wife to keep the affair a secret. Though Rhona agrees, she’s unable to keep her promise after she sees Paddy and Tess’s texts on the mobile phone Pierce has found. In pieces, Rhona blurts out the terrible truth at which point Pierce shoots off, finds Paddy in the Woolie and lamps him! Pierce then tells the whole pub what Paddy has done and, when Rhona realises Aaron and Chas knew about the affair, she tells the vet their marriage is over.

While Nicola tries to get one over on Charity, Charity reckons she’s got one over on Cain. But her ex is no fool. Having sussed she’s in cahoots with dodgy Ross again, Cain gets rid of their stock and lies in wait for Charity…

At the Dingles’ family home, Lisa’s painting the place when Zak arrives. When Lisa explains that she needs a fresh start in the wake of their split, will Zak let his wounded wife sell up?

Elsewhere, Pollard braces himself for the arrival of Val’s headstone, and Laurel realises dementia sufferer Ashley has been lying to her about remembering their wedding day.