Paddy has a close shave with Rhona

Paddy is loved up with Tess, while his wife Rhona has no idea he’s cheating on her. During another secret rendezvous, Paddy’s touched when Tess gives him a late Christmas present. Later, at home, reality strikes for the vet when Rhona makes a discovery and wants answers. Can Paddy talk his way out of a sticky situation?

With his family in tatters, Zak turns to Megan for support. Kerry takes action when she and Dan hear about Cain threatening Joanie. Meanwhile, Lisa wants to sort things out – but is it too late for that?

DS Hart is determined to crack the warehouse robbery and is on to something when Ross is questioned. Ross panics when the detective returns with a search warrant. Is he about to get found out for shooting Robert Sugden?

David is pleased as his grieving dad finally seems to be making progress in working towards a happier future in the wake of his wife Val’s death.
Despite Aaron’s suspicions about Chas seeing Gordon, the barmaid is pleased when Diane finds Gordon’s wallet as it gives her an excuse to have to meet up with her ex.