Being the village Father Christmas is a hard job, but someone’s got to do it and this year it’s fallen to cuddly vet Paddy to take up the mantle. He’s not best pleased about it – and his nightmare continues when he’s forced to deal with a very suspicious Arthur. Having been caught fiddling with his fake beard, ‘Santa’ is put in even hotter water by the young boy when he quizzes him on what he asked for in his Christmas letter. Ah.

At Home Farm, Megan’s left clearing up the mess her broke brother has created. It’s a huge shock when she learns the bank is to repossess the building and its contents. Sam turns up to collect his wages and is horrified as Megan gives him the sack. Then it’s on to the next problem – how’s she going to break it all to Declan?

Having warned Rishi to make sure Charity isn’t ripping him off, Jai goes on to annoy his estranged wife even further by inviting her son Noah to spend Christmas at Holdgate.