As Emmerdale’s special week of episodes – which will see a villager lose their life – continues, the deadly 24 hours is played out from Paddy, Rhona and Pierce’s point of view.

In the village graveyard, a coffin is lowered into an empty grave. Pierce looks down and is horrified to see his hands are covered in blood! Soon Paddy sees his are red too, but this is because he’s got himself covered in paint…

As the action rewinds, over-excited Paddy and Marlon head off with Leo on their lads’ camping trip. At Smithy, meanwhile, Pierce and Rhona have a huge row about her inviting her ex to Leo’s school play and not telling him about it. When Pierce drives off in a huff, upset Rhona decides she needs company and gatecrashes the boys’ camping expedition.

When she turns up at the site, Paddy and Marlon are deep in the woods looking for kindling to start a bonfire – and they’re getting very spooked. Rhona’s presence soon lightens the mood – but not for long…

When Rhona answers a call from Pierce, who’s rung to apologise, she’s relieved that their fight is over. But when she tells her lawyer boyfriend that she’s at home, Pierce knows she’s lying as he’s calling her from their house! With that his apologetic mood vanishes and turns to rage.

Having called a cab to take her home, Rhona’s stunned when a car pulls up and out jumps Pierce. He’s livid. As another argument ramps up, the lawyer fumes about her lies and bond with Paddy before screeching off in his car. Desperate to make him see she only has eyes for him, Rhona forces Paddy to give chase in his car but when his eyes are taken off the road, disaster strikes… Will a car crash prove fatal?