Busted! Paddy spots Rhona doing the walk of shame from Pete’s place!

Paddy spots Rhona creeping out of Pete's having spent the night with him

Ooh, now this is awkward. Having been told that Rhona is still in love with him, Paddy’s confused when he sees his ex-wife skulking out of Pete’s wearing the clothes she was wearing the day before. It’s the walk of shame! How will Paddy react having been instructed by Vanessa to let struggling Rhona try to move on?

Unable to find his mobile, David sets off to Harrogate without it. But while he’s gone, Tracy locates it and is devastated to see Leyla’s been texting him.

At Butler’s, Faith suggests to Moira that baby Isaac could have Holly’s bedroom. Is the grieving farmer ready to repaint her dead daughter’s room?