Paddy rolls with the punches to get out of a bad romance!

Chas steps in to help Paddy out of a sticky situation with an unwanted admirer

With his cheek still smarting from Rhona’s slap, Paddy’s in for another wallop when his dodgy date Lydia returns to the village again. She’s clearly a bit over keen! As Chas comes to his rescue in a bid to put off Lydia, the vet gets another slap round the chops!

Later, Paddy returns to old emotional ground as he dares to hope there could be another chance for him and Chas.

There’s a fun surprise waiting for Arthur at the pirate ship as everyone’s loaded up for a shoot-em up game! But the smile is wiped off poor Laurel’s face when the afternoon turns into yet another dementia-related disaster as Ashley becomes distressed and takes a fall.

After a row with Tracy, Leyla overhears her talk to David and ends up packing her bags…