When Donna has a funny turn and collapses in the kitchen at home, Paddy finds her and tells Marlon. When Marlon then insists on accompanying her to the hospital there’s something about his behaviour which makes Paddy suspect that his mate is falling for his ex all over again! And that’s not good because he’s soon to be married to Laurel!

Although Adam ended up in hospital after taking drugs last week, that hasn’t put him off getting hold of more illegal substances. Robbie’s shocked to see Adam with the drugs and tells him he’s out of his depth. When Moira finds out, she hopes a tough love approach will make him see sense. Meanwhile, Adam calls his mate Aaron in France and arranges to pay him a visit. The problem is he’s skint so he tells his brother Ross that he wants to help with his next job.

Now that he’s got a job in the garage, Sean has ditched the idea of joining the army. He tells his mum, Ali, that now he’s earning he wants to save up for a place for him and Belle. But when the mother and son visit Belle in prison, Ali realises Belle’s future doesn’t include Sean…