Aaron flips when he hears Paddy has muddied his name with Lawrence. As a row erupts, the vet is forced to confess his reasons. Aaron is sickened to his stomach as Paddy, who treats him like a son, reveals how Robert almost killed him. Seeing the fear in Paddy’s eyes, Aaron instantly knows he’s telling the truth. The vet urges him to stay away from Robert, but Aaron can’t make that promise. Instead, he later meets up with Robert and, struggling to hide the hatred from his voice, arranges a getaway with his secret lover…

It’s well and truly over for Laurel and Marlon who tentatively start talking about making their separation official. While the chef worries about how they’ll tell the kids, Laurel spends time with Ashley, trying to forget her troubles.

Another meeting about Archie’s custody sees Megan playing the dutiful wife to Jai, who has no idea she knows he’s sleeping with Leyla. Megan is thrown when Jai gives Rachel keys to Tenants Cottage so she can move back in. What’s he up to?