Paddy tells Rhona he’s packed his bags

*Second episode*

While Rhona’s in the loo deciding how to respond to Paddy’s accusations, her husband scrolls through her phone and finds she’s been calling a guy called Gary. Not realising Gary is her dealer, Paddy now thinks he has concrete evidence that she’s seeing another man. When Rhona sees what Paddy’s done, she attacks him leaving the vet bewildered. Later, after a fix, a calmer Rhona tries to talk to the vet, but it’s too late… Paddy’s packed his bags.

As the police push and push for answers, Declan pleads his innocence. Desperate, he urges them to talk to Chas about Katie’s exit from Emmerdale. It’s a strategy that pays off as the barmaid confirms Katie has been in touch since she left. Declan’s a free man, for now, but bad news follows him back home where he learns his insurers won’t be covering the festival’s losses.

Determined to show Chas that Dan’s her man, jealous Kerry gets dolled up and makes a show of herself in the Woolie.