Paddy decides that he needs to pull off a big stunt to win back Rita and he persuades Marlon to distract Rita from her art class while he sneaks in instead. Rita is stunned when she goes into the classroom to see Paddy posing in the buff for the life-drawing students. Paddy asks Rita for another chance and he’s delighted when she agrees.

Eddie turns up to meet Bob without Viv and he suggests to Bob that Viv is so furious with him that she doesn’t want him back. Bob sadly insists that he misses his wife and kids but a lying Eddie tells him he’s been sent to tell him that his marriage is over. Bob is distraught and is comforted by his new down-and-out friend Errol.

Louise finds out that Terry is planning to go away on holiday with TJ when she’s due in court to testify in the murder trial. Louise begs Terry to put off his break as she needs him for moral support. But Terry insists that he wants nothing to do with her lies.

Also, Gray is concerned when a still delicate Perdy returns to work.