Paddy turns on Marlon and Laurel! (VIDEO)

In a little village like Emmerdale, secrets have a way of leaking out quite quickly (take note, Jai!) Rhona and Paddy have worked out that Marlon and Laurel are much, much more than friends and Paddy is proper pink with rage. He confronts Marlon in the pub kitchen and is just controlled enough not to make mincemeat of his former best mate. But outside, when Paddy sees Marlon and Laurel together, his cold fury is clear when he asks bluntly what’s more important: keeping Leo, or keeping their relationship a secret? Uh-oh…

Chas continues to openly flirt with Dan (it surely has to be a work-related disability, brought on by all the alcohol fumes she inhales). The woman who loves to be whizzed around in sports cars agrees to go for a ride with Dan in his camper van. And then she tanks him up with drinks afterwards, in front of a bewildered Bob and Pollard. And then…well, in the back room of the pub, Chas pounces on him! Really? Yes! Really!

Kerry is waiting, ready to pounce when she sees the right moment to get her feet under the table at Pollard’s house. She thinks she can do it by making a family meal, but Pollard’s not happy about breaking bread with her after she broke Amy’s heart.