Paddy walks into Rita’s life drawing class

*Double episode*

Paddy pays no heed to the mickey-taking from his friends when he announces he’s off for a model-making evening class. However, he spots a semi-clad Rita in the corridor and follows her. He ends up in the middle of an art class where Rita is the naked life model. Rita asks to see his picture of her and is amused to see he has painted her with a t-shirt on.

Bob is forced to say sorry to Emily and is relieved when not only does she accept his apology, but also accepts her old job back. Emily’s not the only person to surprise him. Eddie accepts his brother’s resignation gracefully and wistfully admits he’s envious of Bob’s happy family life.

Sam is keen to prove to the village just how much he trusts Emily and leaves her to look after Samson. When he returns to the park to collect him, he accidentally calls Emily Alice. Mortified, he runs off and Zak begins to suspect that sees Emily as more than just a friend.

Donna hugs Eli after he helps build the house.

Marlon is struggling to cope with the news he has to pay £1800 for the damage Eli and his JCB digger caused to the water main. His day gets worse when he realises he has to deal with a very sour-faced council building inspector and the small matter of the hazardous water pipes. Desperate for any advice, he takes on board Eli’s suggestion of bribing the official, but it backfires badly when he’s told he’ll now have to start the work from scratch.

Edna greets her new lodger Billy with more rules and regulations than he saw when he was in prison. Pearl sees Billy go into the house, and rushes about the village to spread the gossip. Jack is furious that Billy is staying and even more upset to find out Daz knew all along.

After mixing up Emily and Alice’s names, a distraught Sam confides in Marlon that he fears it means he doesn’t love Alice any more. Marlon comforts him and admits he felt the same about Tricia but it is possible to move on.