Welcome home! Paddy is confronted by Rhona and Pierce

Paddy returns to Emmerdale and finds his wife in the arms of another man: Pierce

*Hour-long episode*

Paddy returned from his self-imposed exile in Germany, where he had been making the best of the wurst. He came home hoping that Rhona would have forgiven him for his affair with Tess and be ready to repair their marriage. But he quickly saw that Rhona hadn’t been pining for him. While Paddy waited at their house, Rhona walked in all wrapped up in Pierce – who was Tess’s husband! Paddy was crushed…but not beaten.

Bernice was desperate to clear Andy’s name… So she came up with a plan to make Chrissie reveal the truth about who shot Lawrence. It involved pampering Chrissie at her beauty salon and getting her drunk enough to confess, and Bernice would secretly record it all. But Bernice didn’t have enough wine to make Chrissie spill the truth, just enough to get herself drunk and make Chrissie suspicious…

Joanie was devastated to realise that her new husband, Zak, hadn’t been telling her the truth. He had lied to her about being with the former Mrs Dingle, Lisa. But lying is just the Dingle way. Can Joanie get used to it, though?