Paddy wants his best mate back! (VIDEO)

So, after all the fighting, the disappointment and the court appearances, Paddy is still in Emmerdale with Rhona and Leo… Except now he can’t even work! Trying to run off with Rhona and Leo to a new life in New Zealand has cost Paddy more than he ever thought he would have to pay, including his friendship with Marlon, Leo’s dad. Paddy will be able to work again when his six-month suspension is finished, but is there any way back for him and Marlon? At one time he didn’t care if he never saw Marlon again but now… Now he wants to share a big hug with Marlon. Unfortunately, Rhona is still mad and would rather see Paddy with his hands around Marlon’s throat.

Declan could happily throttle Megan. She’s still playing dirty, desperate to get her hands on Declan’s money. But she should have realised by now that Declan is good at playing dirty, too. So when he invites Megan to Home Farm, it’s not to offer her the pay-off she was hoping for.

Katie doesn’t get the welcome she was expecting, either, when she visits Gennie. She finds out that Gennie knew about Chas and Cameron’s affair and didn’t tell her! Why? Because, says Gennie, it was none of her business. Katie doesn’t see it that way, though…