Aaron has guilt written all over his face, even though he’s done nothing wrong. Paddy’s noticed this and does a quick calculation: Aaron’s a Dingle + he’s acting shifty = he’s up to something. When Aaron says he’s off to town Paddy gives him a lift and spies on him. What he sees is Aaron giving Jackson his number. Time for another calculation: Aaron meets bloke in town + gives him phone number = Aaron’s a drug dealer. And that’s what Paddy tells Marlon. But what will he say to Aaron?

Scarlett knows exactly what to say to her stubborn half-brothers Carl and Jimmy. She tells them to grow up and make up. But Carl won’t apologise for evicting Jimmy and Jimmy doesn’t want to live where he’s not wanted. Watch out Rodney, there’s a daughter in need heading your way! Too late… And poor Rodders feels compelled to let the family have his room.

Olena is stuck between a rock and a hard place, too. She doesn’t want to hurt Sam but the bloomin’ man is like a dog with a bone; he just won’t let go. Sam invites Olena to the pub but she swerves any risk of love talk by bringing Eli and Lizzie with her.

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