*Second episode*

Unaware that Tess has been mown down and is lying lifeless on the Hotten Road, Rhona drives out to meet her. Knowing Tess is in a right state, Rhona wants to be there for her friend. Paddy, meanwhile, is in serious panic mode. He knows Tess is on the edge and is worried she’s going to tell Rhona about their affair as payback for Paddy’s rejection. Desperate, Paddy tries to stop his wife from meeting Tess and ends up going with Rhona.

Meanwhile, at the scene of the hit and run, Megan is the first to come across Tess, and notices a car speeding off as she pulls up. Soon enough, Paddy and Rhona arrive and are horrified as they take in the crash. As Rhona deals with pregnant Megan, who’s deeply shaken, Paddy tends to Tess, who’s still alive. The vet stays calm as his seriously injured and immobile lover who, face down on the tarmac, shakily reminisces about the first time they met. Tess tells Paddy she loves him – and he does the same.

At the hospital, Paddy and Rhona are waiting for news when Tess’ husband, Pierce, arrives. Before long, the married vets learn Tess hasn’t survived. Pierce is a broken man. Reeling, Paddy manages to hold it together in front of Rhona but when she disappears to tell Marlon what’s happened, he breaks down in tears. His lover is dead.

Elsewhere, desperate to cover his tracks, Kirin torches the car and then gets cleaned up. He sees a missed a bunch of calls from Vanessa on his mobile and knows he needs to talk to her. She’s relieved to see him and tells him she understands how he was pushed to his limit and lost it, for a second, with their baby, Johnny. Telling him she’s prepared to try again, Kirin’s a mess of emotions as he knows he’s ruined everything…

When Kerry confronts Gabby about posting her saucy video online, she’s not satisified by the teen’s lacklustre apology. Later, Kerry forces Dan to watch their sex-tape and is surprised to be impressed by what she sees. Dan reels as Kerry announces that she’s happy for it to stay online!

Aware his daughter is acting out, Ashley is worried and convinced that his dementia has a large part to play in Gabby’s troubles. Having overheard her dad talking to Laurel, Gabby has deduced they’re pregnant but when Ashley reveals his partner may have had a miscarriage. The vicar is stunned when Gabby questions why he believes in God, who seems to ‘dump’ all over him.