Paddy worries when Chas calls in sick and he tells Gennie that that they kissed. Gennie refuses to help Paddy get the lowdown on Chas’s feelings. Gennie bumps into her sister and accuses her of using people after learning that the kiss was a mistake. Chas knows she needs to put Paddy straight that they have no future, but she can’t break his heart.

Mark finds out that Natasha has invited Tristan to the village to sort things with Maisie. When Tristan turns up Maisie isn’t interested in talking to him, but Nathan pleads with her to give him another chance and she is left torn. Mark and Natasha are relieved as the reunited couple prepare to leave the village, but Maisie does an about-turn and instead heads to The Woolpack to celebrate her freedom!

Andy is determined to get the farm back in business, but Daz is worried when Andy decides to buy livestock when they haven’t even had Jack’s will reading. Meanwhile, Diane thinks the Sugden kids will forget about her, but she’s cheered by a visit from Victoria and makes it clear that she will always be there for her. Diane is delighted when Victoria asks if she can move back in.

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