Paddy’s worried about Rosemary

Paddy confesses to Chas that he’s worried about what could have happened to as Gray flipped out when he mentioned calling the police. Paddy and Chas do some digging and discover that Rosemary has left all her belongings in the village. Paddy informs the police and Vaughan pays Gray and Perdy a visit. Meanwhile, Rosemary’s handbag lays abandoned in a ditch…

Jamie fails to win over Louise with his apology for mistakenly booking the stag party and Terry is fuming that the stags have left the B&B in a mess. Jamie feels insecure when he later sees Louise schmooze Rodney’s guests in the Woolpack and he’s rattled when Terry brings up the age gap between him and Louise.

Donna heads out on patrol with Ross and they are called to a robbery. Two kids in Halloween outfits do a runner from the scene and Donna pursues one down an alley but she hurts her arm when the kid throws a brick at her. Marlon accuses Ross of not doing enough to protect Donna and Donna is angry that Marlon has interfered.

Also, Jasmine tracks down Miles De Souza’s ex-girlfriend to find out more about Miles and she is given an address for him.