Paige and John find an intriguing clue…

Paige and John arrive in Geelong looking for clues about John’s identity and, when they decide to stay a night, the sexual tension between them continues to bubble away. Eventually, it seems like they might kiss only for Paige to pull back when she sees something… a photo of John with his arm around a young man!

When Paul discovers Steph is attending a party to celebrate Jimmy’s victory at a chess competition, he asks her to bring his grandson a present. Steph agrees and tells Amy it might be time for Paul to see Jimmy again, leading to a thaw between Jimmy, Paul and Amy. But Terese isn’t happy and gives Amy an ultimatum – cut off contact with Paul or lose the contract.

Piper and Tyler discover an old voicemail message on Josh’s mobile phone from Doug, claiming that Ned was furious on the day of the explosion because he had discovered Brad was Citizen of the Year. Piper questions Ned about this for her vlog and, despite his denials, she decides to tell her dad.