Paige and Tyler are stuck with each other

Paige is struggling with the deal that sees her sorting and listing stolen parts at the garage with Tyler. She decides it’s time to come clean but when she finds Lauren emotional after having a bad day and missing Bailey, she can’t bring herself to tell her. Instead, she rocks up to the garage and reveals to Tyler that she’ll go along with the deal until they figure out another way out of this mess.

After accidentally opening her car door on Nate, Terese suggests letting Georgia look him over. Realising that Nate is blaming her for the incident, Imogen first tries to cover herself legally until Toadie suggests a simple apology may be more prudent. Nate accepts Imogen’s apology but plays a trick on her – getting her to shovel manure in his stead at the Nursery.

Sadly, Paul cannot reverse the sale of Lassiters Hotel and Complex – and his disappointment over this only deepens when Naomi decides to hand in her resignation. At the end of the day, Naomi seeks solace in a friendly coffee with Brennan. Meanwhile, Terese tries to look on the positive side about the sale until her shock discovery that her new boss is Ezra Hanley.