Paige is turning 21, but she doesn’t feel like celebrating. She’s not with the man she wants, Tyler’s been arrested, and her adoptive father doesn’t even know where she lives. However, her family convince her that this day is worth celebrating. Paige feels the love and embraces her outlandish pop star themed party – until her adoptive mother Mary shows up!

Paul and Naomi are officially official and Daniel suggests they go to Paige’s party as a couple, Naomi’s keen on the idea, but Paul’s not so sure. He eventually goes for it – but when Amber starts taking snaps of them, he privately pulls her aside to make sure the photos don’t surface.

After discovering that Brennan has kicked Tyler out of the house, Nate goes to Karl and Susan for help – wanting Tyler to stay with them. Karl isn’t keen, but Nate suspects Susan could be swayed and he convinces Tyler to talk to her, leading to an honest revelation that convinces Susan and Karl to give him a second chance.