Paige gives Amber a wake-up call

Amber’s gutted by Paige and Daniel’s kiss and tells him how hurt she is. However, he becomes frustrated with her when she refuses to listen when he tells her Paige kissed him, and not the other way around. Meanwhile, Paige has decided to help her secret half-brother by blowing Amber and Daniel’s secret wide open. But when Josh tells her how much Amber really means to him, she decides not to say anything for now, but confronts Amber about being more interested in Daniel than Josh.

Just as she starts to feel like she’s having a positive impact on her family, she comes across Lauren’s teddy-bear, identical to her own, seemingly discarded. For Paige, it feels like another rejection.

Imogen finds herself increasingly drawn to Ethan, despite her attempts to act nonchalant. Fed up when everyone she knows assumes she’s a good girl so won’t pursue him or do anything risky, she makes a spur of the moment decision. She wags school to spend time with Ethan, but her risk backfires and she’s soon in hot water with Susan.

When Bailey continues to work hard to gain his parents’ forgiveness, a concerned Sonya warns him not to push himself – he’ll get what he needs in time.