Paige is let down by the Brennan brothers

Paige is insulted when Tyler suggests she parade around in a ‘car wash bikini’. But the pair soon join forces and have fun together until Tyler makes a pass at her and Paige backs away. Later, she discovers Brannan has a date with Naomi and, feeling jealous, texts Tyler. But when she arrives at the garage she discovers Tyler getting it on with a hot girl, Hannah, who came in to the car wash earlier.

Lauren tells Susan that nothing happened between her and Brad, but Susan decides to warn Brad that his friendship with Lauren has grown too dependent. Brad is worried and decides to put some between them. Lauren is stung and takes her anger out on Susan, who helps Lauren see she has support all around her and doesn’t need Brad.

Toadie misinterprets Sonya’s need for female company‚Ķ feeling like a idiot when she explains she has no intention of sleeping with them! He encourages her to remember the friends she has. Sonya is heart-warmed when she arranges girls’ afternoon and Susan, Lauren and Georgia are all up for it.