Paige is trapped in a cabin next door to Mark and Elly as they discuss their relationship. Elly’s determined to win Mark’s heart, so when she spots Paige she strategically places Mark in a position so he can’t see her. Elly vents her concerns that he isn’t committed to their relationship and he reassures her that it’s early days. He continues to reassure her and it doesn’t take long before the pair get intimate, leaving Paige devastated. The next day, Elly tells Leo she feels guilty for letting Mark know how Paige feels. Will Elly come clean? And can Elly and Paige ever be friends again?

Meanwhile, Yashvi is overjoyed when the graffiti celebrating Ben manages to cheer him up. Ben is so upbeat that he volunteers to be part of the line-up for Shane’s charity concert. Shane is nervous about the concert, but with the support of his family his nerves turn to excitement. However, when Shane and Toadie stumble across the graffiti, they are furious as it could damage the Liveability campaign and they believe Ben’s responsible…

Also, the bank tells Steph that they won’t loan her the entire amount she needs to buy out Paul and Leo and convert the motel into a wellness centre. Steph asks Leo if he would accept a part payout, but he refuses. Steph turns to Amy and the pair come up with a plan to convince Leo to sell up and it involves Mishti. Will Leo fall for their games?