Paige makes another play for Brennan

Unaware of the echoes Brennan is feeling between Sonya’s troubles and the loss of Kate, Paige finds herself on the receiving end of a blunt brush-off when she tracks him down. She’s about to give up, when Brennan apologises, telling her his troubles. As an afternoon of fun unfolds, it seems she’s on track to rekindle their connection.

Reeling in the wake of seeing Sheila with his father, Kyle is gutted when she admits, despite her best efforts, his father has chosen not to be in his life. Witnessing his pain, Georgia is determined to get through to Gary. Facing off with her father-in-law, Georgia pleads with him to reach out to the son who craves his attention.

Stressing out as the doors open for her most important exam, Amber is surprised to find support from the unlikeliest of places – Rain. Later, Daniel is pleased to hear that Amber has a newfound respect for Rain and the pair agree to help her set up New Eden. Rain is thrilled, assuming that means they’ll live there but Amber and Daniel desperately back-pedal.