Lauren begins to struggle in the face of Kathy’s early arrival in town and decides to lay down some strict boundaries, which leaves Kathy feeling excluded from the family. Paige comforts her but is conflicted, knowing Kathy is the one who gave her up. While she takes the opportunity to get on Kathy’s good side, she starts to slowly plotting her revenge.

When Terese enlists Daniel to help Amber and Josh bump out The Waterhole Art Exhibition, awkwardness ensues. When Josh makes comment about the photo of his hand in Amber’s artwork, Amber is forced to lie, causing Daniel to leave. He later reminds Amber they need to tell Josh the truth, and she agrees – their deception can’t go on. But studying her artwork again, Josh has begun to twig that something isn’t quite right.

After another tough start to class, Brad resorts to using surfing anecdotes. The kids are only too happy to indulge him, knowing it means less time they have to focus on class. Tensions rise when Imogen challenges her dad to stick to the text and he tries to assert his authority as teacher. When Brad later tries to put Imogen in her place by threatening her with detention, she walks off, leaving Brad frustrated.